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Welcome to  We are glad you are taking a moment to look around.  Relax, and stay awhile. Let me tell you a little about Peter and Lori, the founders of the company and the creators of In•Yer•Endo.

Lori and Peter have been gamers their whole lives, and gaming is one of the ways they proudly define themselves to this day. Alongside a group of their closest friends (who they feel are some of the finest GMs around), Lori and Peter run RPGs at Gen Con annually through the gaming group 37 Zombies.

Peter has gone by three gamertags his whole life: ChaosControl/ChaosControl911, CiecoFede (Blind Faith), and Diehard327 (back when he used to ditch high school to go play BattleTech in the pods at North Pier in downtown Chicago). He has been a video gamer all his life but it wasn’t until he met Lori, about 10 years ago, that she officially turned him to the dark side (as she puts it) and opened his eyes to the world of Tabletop board and RPG gaming. Peter is a Multipotentialite:  a term he was only recently introduced to but hits the nail on the head. He served in the U.S. Army National Guard, worked as a Whitewater Rafting instructor in WV, and lived for a couple of years in Ft. Collins, CO, doing whatever he could to stay near the mountains before returning to Chicago and becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic for 8 years. Currently, Peter is starting a new career as a CAD design for an engineering firm.

Lori has been into tabletop gaming for as long as she can remember, and has been a convention regular (mainly Gen Con) since the late ’90s.  Lori has hosted The Midnight Zombie Game at Gen Con for over 7 years now which seats over 160 players. A hilarious narrative RPG Party, the Midnight Game is definitely an experience all its own, and worth your time looking into (provided you are over 18). Outside of gaming, Lori is a tattoo artist at The Constable Tattoo Parlor in Plainfield, IL. She has had a long career in the tattoo industry, spanning over the past 17 years. She is well versed in many tattoo styles and enjoys not only the art, but the social aspect of the industry. She believes that every tattoo is an experience for the client as well as the artist. Lori loves what she does and it shows in her beautiful work.

Together, with a passion for life and the desire to share their gifts with more people than they can personally meet, Peter and Lori bring to you a game with the hope that it makes you and your friends laugh so hard it hurts.  They hope In•Yer•Endo is a game that creates friendships, spawns hilarious inside jokes, and is equally suitable for a big party or a casual game night. Please, take the time to visit the In•Yer•Pedia section and share some of your word combo descriptions. It may get published as one of Peter and Lori’s favorites.

Thank you for your time. We hope you all enjoy playing our games. Everyone involved with the creation of this game hopes to bring you new content and perhaps even new games in the future. Contact us and let us know how we are doing.

And, as always, have a dirty day.

Lori & Pete